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Benefits & Privileges

Flexible Financing Promotions
Flexible Financing

Repayment Table

CashLite/CashLite-i Amount at 9.88%* p.a. Monthly Payments
12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months
RM1,000 RM91.57 RM49.90 RM36.01 RM29.07
RM3,000 RM274.70 RM149.70 RM108.03 RM87.20
RM5,000 RM457.83 RM249.50 RM180.06 RM145.33

*The payable flat interest rate / payable facility charges  of 9.88% p.a.  is equivalent to an effective rate (“EIR”) of 17.76% p.a. for 12 months, 17.95% for 24 months, 17.72% p.a. for 36 months and 17.41% for 48 months respectively.


EIR is the expression of the  equivalent to the flat interest rate / payable facility charges quoted above using compounding and  on an annualised interest rate / payable facility charges basis. 

Important Notes

  • CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic reserves the right to approve or reject any application at its absolute discretion.
  • The minimum CashLite/CashLite-i amount per application is RM1,000 while the maximum amount will be subject to your available credit limit.
  • Depending on your available credit limit at the point of approval, CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic may approve and disburse a lower CashLite/CashLite-i amount than what was applied for.
  • Upon approval of your CashLite/CashLite-i application, your available combined credit limit will be provisionally reduced by the amount equivalent to the approved CashLite/CashLite-i amount and relevant interbank transfer (“IBG”) charges.
  • The approved CashLite/CashLite-i amount will be disbursed to the nominated bank account within 5 working days from the day of application.
  • The CashLite/CashLite-i Monthly Payment will be reflected in your CIMB credit card statement.
  • CashLite/CashLite-i monthly payments must be paid in full by the credit card/credit card-i due date for each month. A late payment charge /compensation charges of 1% on the outstanding balance of the CashLite/CashLite-i monthly payment (subject to a minimum of RM10 and maximum of RM100) will be charged if you fail to do so. A finance charge/facility charges of 18% per annum will be imposed on any outstanding amount due and remaining unpaid to the Bank under the CashLite/CashLite-i facility.
  • No Bonus Points or cash rebates will be awarded under this programme.