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As a leading ASEAN bank, CIMB's greater purpose is to advance customers and society towards a sustainable future. We believe in integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into all aspects of our business.


Our clients and customers are a big part of how we will succeed in this journey. Look out for the THANK YOU FROM TOMORROW logo on our product offerings, and you will know that you are partnering with us to make a difference in financing a sustainable future. 



Helping you to make a sustainable choice 


CIMB has a range of products and services to support you to make a sustainable choice in your personal finance. 


Green Home Financing

Preferential financing rates for certified green residential properties.

Green Auto Financing

Preferential financing rates for hybrid or electric vehicles (EV).

Solar Financing

Financing plans with up to 33% OFF, and 0% instalment plans for up to 60 months.

My First Home Scheme

Up to 100% + 10% financing to assist first-time B40 homebuyers for properties up to RM500,000.

e-Zi Tunai Personal Loan

Short-term micro loan from as low as RM100 to assist B40 segments with >RM800 monthly income, via Touch ‘n Go

EcoSave Savings-i Account

Partner with us to protect the environment – the more you save the more CIMB channels to conservation.

ESG Investment

Investments that prioritise environmental, social and governance factors in addition to financial returns.



Promoting Sustainability

The Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit


The Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit is our mission to convene global citizens, experts and key stakeholders to deliberate on what you can do today as an individual and as a business to shape a more sustainable tomorrow.


Find out more and watch recordings  to learn more about the latest sustainability issues and how you can do your part to create a sustainable future for all. 


The Music Run by CIMB


In 2019, The Music Run by CIMB became Malaysia’s first carbon-neutral mass participation event.  Click here to find out CIMB’s sustainability initiatives at The Music Run by CIMB 2022.



Learn more about how CIMB contributes in creating a sustainable future for all.