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How does it work?

Customer receives fraudulent email and is urged to act quickly, otherwise their account will be suspended.

Fraudulent email contains URL that looks like a real URL. Customer clicks on fake URL and lands on fake website.

Fraudster uses details to complete transfer on genuine website.

Customer fills up login details and TAC on fake website.

Do NOT respond or click on any link from an email or SMS
What you have to do
  1. Install up-to-date anti-virus software, ad/spyware scanner and firewall on your devices and perform a schedule clean up daily.

  2. Changing your password periodically.

  3. Identify your 'Secure Word' to ensure that you're in a genuine CIMB Clicks Online Banking site.

  4. Checking your transactions regularly.

  5. Sign on to CIMB Clicks Online Banking site by typing the entire URL into your browser or add the URL to your list of Favorites.

  6. Safeguarding your personal details.
Sample of Phishing website
Sample of Phishing email