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    Employer Fixed Income Earner (Basic only) Variable Income Earner (Basic + Allowances)

    Multi National Company

    Public Listed Company

    Government Linked Company

    Minimum latest 1 month payslip OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution Minimum latest 3 months payslip OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution
    Others Minimum latest 3 months payslip AND latest 3 months salary crediting bank statement OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution
    Self Employed Income Documents

    Sole Proprietor


    Private Listed Company (Sdn Bhd)

    Minimum latest 6 months company bank statement AND Business Registration Document*


    a) Latest Form B AND LHDN
    payment receipt OR

    b) Latest e-Form B AND e-filing acknowledgement receipt


    *Business Registration Document refers to: Trading Licence/Company Search/Partnership Agreement/Professional Practicing Certificate



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