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Preferential Rates for Green Residential Homes

Enjoy preferential Green Building Index (GBI) rates when you finance your green residential property with us!

Green Home Financing Package

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How do I calculate my estimated home loan/home financing or property loan/property financing instalments?


You can try out CIMB’s property calculators below:



However, please note that the results from this calculator are for illustration purposes and are indicative only. The results do not represent approval of the loan/financing which is subject to CIMB’s credit evaluation.



How do I check if I am eligible for a home loan/home financing or property loan/property financing with CIMB?


At CIMB, we offer a wide range of home financing and property financing solutions, designed to meet your specific financing needs.

To find out more about the features and eligibility requirements, please browse through the product listing above and click on a product page to see the information.



What is the current interest rate or profit rate for CIMB home loan/home financing or property loan/ property financing?


For further information on CIMB’s home loan/home financing or property financing/property financing rates, please visit the rates and charges pages below:




What are the fees and charges associated with CIMB home loans?


Please visit our property loans/financing fees and charges page for further information on the fees and charges.