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Service Tax Implementation 

Taxes on products and services (including but not limited to service tax, indirect taxes or withholding taxes), where applicable, as may be imposed by the Government of Malaysia and any taxes payable in connection with or arising out of facility financing/account will be payable.

No Products / Items Fees and Charges
1 HomeLoan / BizLoan / Variable Home Financing-i  / Business Premises Financing-i / Term Financing-i  / Vacant Land Financing Processing Fee: Not applicable
2 HomeFlexi / BizFlexi  / Flexi Home Financing-i / Flexi Business Premises Financing-i 

Processing Fee (Set Up Fee) of RM200.00 

Monthly service charge of RM10.00 

*Monthly flexi charge / Non rebated profit of RM40.00

3 Flexi Vacant Land Financing

Monthly service charge of RM10.00

*Monthly flexi charge of RM40.00

4 HomeFlexi Smart/ BizFlexi Smart / HomeFlexi Smart-i / BizFlexi Smart-i Processing Fee of RM200.00
5 HomeFlexi  Smart / BizFlexi Smart/  Vacant Land Flexi Smart / HomeFlexi Smart-i / BizFlexi Smart-i / Residential Vacant Land Flexi Smart-i 

Redraw fee of RM25.00** via OTC/Branch/Contact Centre and RM 10.00** via CIMB Clicks

 **per transaction regardless of the amount withdrawn

6 Secured OD Commitment fee of 1% p.a. will be charged on the unutilised amount for OD facility if or when all the overdraft facilities exceed RM250,000.00 at any time.
7 Redemption Statement (Home loan / Home financing) RM 50.00 per request
8 Letter of Confirmation for EPF withdrawal RM 20.00 per request
9 Reproduction of statements 

For period up to 1 year

Front page - RM 10.00 

Additional page - RM 2.00 

For period exceeding 1 year

Front page - RM  30.00 

Additional page - RM 2.00 

10 Stamp Duties

As per Stamp Duty Act 1949 (Revised 1989)

i) Letter Offer: RM10.00

ii) Principal Document:  RM5.00 for every RM1,000.00

iii) Security Document: RM10.00

iv) Standing Instruction: RM10.00

*Note: Imposition of Monthly Flexi Charge / Non Rebated Profit of RM40.00 as below:
 Monthly Flexi Charge of RM40.00 

A flexi charge of RM40.00 per month will be debited to customer(s) facility account(s) in the event the utilisation rate of the facility is less than 70% on the last day of every month, based on the below formula:


Utilisation rate of the facility (%) = Average daily balance x 100%

                                                              Principal outstanding owing

Average daily balance (RM) = Sum of daily facility account(s) balance

                                                    Number of days in month


'Sum of daily facility account(s) balance' shall mean the total aggregate day end facility account(s) balance in a month excluding credit balance (if any). Day end facility account(s) balance is the balance owing under the facility minus prepayment amount (if any).


'Principal outstanding owing' shall mean the principal amount incurred and owing to the bank under the facility at the material time.

 Non rebated profit of RM40.00 

A non-rebated profit of RM40.00 per month will be charged to your Facility account on the due date of the Monthly Instalment if the Flexibility Rate is less than 70% of the Outstanding Bank's Purchase Price at the end of the month, based on the formula below.


Flexibility Rate (%) = (Average Daily Balance for the month/Outstanding Bank's Purchase Price) X 100%


Average Daily Balance (RM) = (sum of daily Outstanding Bank's Purchase Price - sum of daily ledger balance of SMIA-i) / number of days in the month