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How does it work?
The Don'ts
  1. Never share your account details to anyone, unless you know who they are.

  2. Don't open a new bank account to receive and transfer money from people you don't know anything about.

  3. Do not get carried away by attractive commissions or consent to receive unauthorized money
What you have to do
  1. Be suspicious of job adverts promising you an easy money for just a few hours of work every month.

  2. Be wary of the overseas company offering employment, as it would be difficult for you to find out who they really are. Do a search on the employing company, confirm their contact details and verify their identity.

  3. If you ever become a victim and someone credited a large amount to your account and requested you transfer it to another account, do not deal. Report this to your bank.

  4. If you think you might already be part of a money mule scam, it is important that you act fast. Contact your bank and the police immediately.
Example of Email Recruitment Scam

One of the most popular methods of recruiting mules today is through the Internet. If messages below seems familiar to you, they probably are fraudsters.


  1. Earn RM1500-RM4000 per week working from home…

  2. Only requires 1-2 hours of availability per day… or

  3. A 5-10% commission for “processing payments” or 

  4. Work as a ‘Financial Agent’/ 'Money Transfer Agent'