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Enjoy convenience with EPF Online Withdrawal

EPF Online Withdrawal (e-pengeluaran) provides fast and secure access to your EPF account. Manage your loan repayment/financing payment easily and conveniently, without the hassle of visiting bank branches.

How to register

To register for EPF Online Withdrawal, you need to have a EPF i-Akaun from which you have made withdrawals before. These withdrawals could have been for reducing or redeeming your Housing Loan/Financing, or to pay monthly instalments.

Step 1

Log in to EPF ( Click e-Pengeluaran and select your preference.

Step 2

Choose CIMB Bank as your institution. Click submit.

Step 3

EPF will notify you of your application status via i-Akaun or SMS.

Step 4

Visit your nearest EPF counter within 14 days to do a thumbprint verification.