Make your dream home a reality with

when you apply for HomeFlexi Smart/-i. Enjoy lower monthly instalments compared to normal financing.

How it works

1ˢᵗ 5 years

Pay lower monthly instalments as compared to normal financing during the first 5 years

6ᵗʰ Year Onwards

Start paying full instalments from the 6th year onwards

Below table shows the monthly instalments for FlexiOwn vs Normal Monthly Instalments

Tenure Normal Payment FlexiOwn 5-Year Lower Payment
  Normal Monthly Instalment 1ˢᵗ 5 Years (Tier-1) monthly instalment 6ᵗʰ Year onwards (Tier-2) monthly instalment
20 RM3,190 RM2,871 RM3,356
25 RM2.808 RM2,527 RM2,928
30 RM2,563 RM2,307 RM2,660
35 RM2,397 RM2,158 RM2,480

With FlexiOwn, monthly instalment for the 1st 5 years is reduced by up to 10%. The illustration is calculated based on a RM500,000 mortgage over different payment schemes at BR + 0.6%, where BR as at 15 May 2019 is 4.00% p.a.


Please note that the results from this calculation are for illustration purposes and are indicative only. The results are subject to CIMB's approval.

Terms and conditions apply.

How to be eligible

  • Only applicable when you apply for HomeFlexi Smart/-i
  • For completed residential properties only
  • Up to RM1.5 million property value 

Why wait?

With FlexiOwn, enjoy lower monthly instalments for the first 5 years. This gives you the freedom to pick the house that you want, and ultimately enables you to own the home of your dreams.