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What is a fixed deposit account and how does it work?


A fixed deposit account is a banking product that allows you to place your funds for a specific duration. With a fixed deposit account, you will typically be given the flexibility to choose your tenure. During this time, your deposit earns a guaranteed fixed profit or interest rate.

Once the tenure matures, you will receive the predetermined profit based on the rate and duration you selected.



What is eStatement?


eStatement is a PDF version of your monthly account statement. You have the option to download it from CIMB Clicks or have it delivered to your email (Email Statement Delivery). 



What fixed deposit products does CIMB offer?


At CIMB, we provide a range of conventional and Islamic fixed deposit products to help you securely grow your savings. Visit the product pages below to find out more about each of the product’s benefits, features and eligibility:




How do I find the interest rates and profit rates for CIMB’s fixed deposit products?


For further information on our fixed deposit interest rates and profit rates, please visit the rates and charges pages below:


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