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How do I open a unit trust account online?

  • Login to CIMB Clicks

  • Select ‘Apply & Invest’

  • Select ‘Unit Trust’
    (If you have performed Risk Profiling before, you have a choice to refresh Risk Profile again. If you have not performed Risk Profile before, you are required to complete the Risk Profiler)

  • Read the Investor’s Declaration and Disclaimerbefore submitting.

  • Once the profiling is done, you will be presented with your Risk Profile and Model Portfolio with fund recommendations to suit your risk appetite.
    To understand Your Risk Profile, there is a no obligation appointment card that you may fill up if you need more advisory.
    Select ‘Confirm’, select ‘Submit’ and then select ‘Proceed with Unit Trust Account Opening’

  • Enter information into the Unit Trust Account Opening input screen

  • Read the Terms and Conditions and select ‘Accept’, then ‘Submit’

  • Enter TAC number and select ‘Confirm’


The Unit Trust Account Opening status and unit trust account number (if successful) will be displayed. You will then be able to purchase unit trust online.

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