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I want to view my CIMB Bank Singapore account. What should I do?

You will be required to make an Account Linking Request through CIMB Clicks.

Follow these steps to do the Account Linking Request through CIMB Clicks:


1. Login to CIMB Clicks


2. Go to Services > Account Linking > Singapore Accounts

3. Key in your ID No./Passport No.*

4. Accept the Terms & Conditions and click 'Submit' button

5. Click on the 'Request TAC' and key in the TAC received through CIMB Messenger or SMS.

    Submit your request by clicking 'Confirm'.

 6. The status of your request will be sent to CIMB Clicks Mailbox.


Once the request is approved, you will be to view your account. You will be informed via email (CIMB Clicks Mailbox) within 3 days.

*The ID might be any of the following:


   • Malaysia ID Number (for Malaysian Citizen)

   • Singapore ID Number (for Singapore Citizen)

   • Passport Number (for Foreigners)

   • Permanent Resident Number

Note: You are only required to link your account once. Subsequently, please go to My Accounts > Click on the Singapore flag  

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