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Sending money overseas? SpeedSend is the wiser choice.

Not using SpeedSend? You can start now and make a wise choice on your Remittance services.
If you're looking for speedy transactions, RM10 FLAT fee and high transfer limit, you'll get it with SpeedSend. You'll also have the added benefit of knowing that you're sending your money safely and getting better value with competitive foreign exchange rates.
SpeedSend is always the wiser choice.
View the competitive FX rates that you can get with SpeedSend
 Currency Currency Code  Selling TT Board Rate SpeedSend Rate
1 US Dollar to USA USD 4.7733 4.7067
1 British Pound GBP 6.0512 5.9919
100 Hong Kong Dollar  HKD


100 India Rupee INR 5.9113 5.6663

Disclaimer: Exchange rates as of 19 December 2023, 10:30AM.


Enjoy INSTANT TRANSFER with competitive rates to these countries

and Europe!

It's easier than ever to calculate the amount you send with a RM10 flat fee


Our transaction fee is RM10 flat - regardless of the amount you remit.


While being charged a percentage fee of your transaction amount sounds fair, why settle for fair when you can get more by paying less.


Fees were captured at other providers' website as of 28 August 2023

The one stop centre to send money on the go


Have you been sending money overseas multiple times a day? Or finding that you have to send your total amount across multiple days?


Our transaction limit is RM50K per transaction - higher than leading fintech players. Avoid splitting your transactions by sending up to RM50,000 per transaction per day. Send more at one go.

Does your recipient/beneficiary have to pay too?


Discover effortless ways of remitting your money with CIMB OCTO App and CIMB Clicks today!


Alternatively, you may also view or download the full Foreign Transfer guide below

These QR codes will direct you to your respective app stores based on your device to download our app and you will not need to submit any personal identifiable information or data. 



Best thing is you still get to enjoy all the aforementioned perks. 

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