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No. SpeedSend
1. What is SpeedSend? SpeedSend is a cross-border money transfer service.
2. What is the transaction limit at CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic Bank?

Minimum = RM250

Maximum = Transaction limit of up to RM50,000 per customer per day for payment between immediate family or education purpose without supporting documents.

For all other payment purposes up to RM50,000, will be subjected to supporting documents requirement.

3. How to make payment for transaction? / Where can I send money from?

·      Account Debiting (via CIMB Clicks / CIMB Bank or CIMB Islamic Bank branches)

·      Cash (CIMB Bank Currency Exchange locations)

4. What are the service charges/fees for send transaction performed? RM10 for any amount sent for transactions originating from CIMB Bank or CIMB Islamic Bank branches, CIMB Bank Currency Exchange locations and CIMB Clicks
5. What is the daily transaction limit via CIMB Clicks Transaction limit of up to RM50,000 per customer per day for all payment purposes.

6. What information is required to transfer funds to an overseas beneficiary?


You'll need the following information:

Cash Collection

·         Beneficiary’s Name

·         Beneficiary’s ID details (i.e. ID type and ID number)


Account Credit

·         Beneficiary’s Name (same as their full name used in their bank record)

·         Beneficiary’s account number/IBAN details

·         Beneficiary’s Bank Name

·         Beneficiary’s Bank Branch /IFSC Code


Ensure accurate account details and data requirement is met when performing an oversea transfer via CIMB Clicks.



·         Special characters such as @, -, # and extra spacing are not allowed and will lead to rejection

·         Ensure beneficiary name same as their full name registered in their bank record.



Sending To Account Details Data Type  
Australia Account Number and BSB (Bank-state-branch) code · Account number in numeric digits  
· 6-digits BSB code. Example: 112233  
Bangladesh Account Number and Branch Code · Account number in numeric digits  
· Alphabetic branch code. Example: GULSHAN  
[Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Spain]
IBAN Number · IBAN number consist of 15 and max 35 alphanumeric characters. Example:

Belgium: BE71096123456769
India Account Number and IFSC Code (Indian Financial System Code) · Account number in numeric digits
· 11 digits alphanumeric IFSC code Example: ABCD0123456
Indonesia Account Number · Account number in numeric digits  
Philippines Account Number · Account number in numeric digits. Usually 10 to 13 digits.  
Thailand Account Number · Account number in numeric digits. Usually 10 to 12 digits.  
United Kingdom Account Number and · 8-digits account number  
UK Sort Code · 6-digits sort code. Example: 123456  
United States of America Account Number and · Account number in numeric digits  
ACH Code · 9-digits ACH code. Example: 112233445

7. How do I perform money transfer via CIMB Clicks?



a) CIMB Clicks Log-in












·   Log in to CIMB Clicks.


·   Go to Pay & Transfer > Foreign Transfer


·   Select & complete the following information as follows:-

(a)    Select Country

(b)    Select Receiving Currency

(c)    Select Send Currency and Enter Amount

(d)   Select a Transfer Type "Credit to Account" or "Cash Collection" - SpeedSend


·   Complete the following information at Overseas Fund Transfer Declaration page:-

(a)    Select Sender Status 

(b)    Select Beneficiary Status

(c)    Select Beneficiary Relationship

(d)    Select Purpose of Payment


* Note: Please ensure that you select the closest Purpose of Payment according to the intention of your transfer. The 'Purpose of Payment' declaration is a compulsory Bank Negara Malaysia requirement.


·   Read ‘Declaration’ and select ‘Yes’ if you are agreeable to the declaration.


*Note: Read the Terms & Conditions (T&C) of Speedsend and select ‘Accept’ if you have acknowledged and accept the T&C. Then click ‘Submit’ to proceed with the request.


· Select & complete the Sender Details as follows:-

(a) Account to be debited

(b) Are you a foreign worker?

(c) Employment Type

(d) Nature of Business

(e) Occupation

(f) Relationship with beneficiary


· Select & complete the Beneficiary Details as follows:-

(a) Name

(b) ID Type

(c) ID No

(d) Destination country

(e) Destination Bank

(f) Beneficiary Account No./ IBAN No.^


^ Account and data type requirement please refer clause No.6


·   Select & complete the Sender Details as follows:-

(a) Select Account to be debited

(b) Transfer Method

(c) Select add as Favorite


·   Enter Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) to proceed. TAC is required for each transaction, including Favorite transaction. Then clicks ‘Submit’ to proceed with the transaction.


·   You will receive an SMS for every successful transaction.


*Note: Transfer amount is inclusive of transaction fee (E.g. if amount entered is RM1,010 and transaction fee is RM10.00, beneficiary will receive RM1,000.00 i.e. equivalent to the designated currency amount after conversion).

b) How can I check the status of my sent transaction?

·   Log in to CIMB Clicks


·   Go to Pay & Transfer > Transaction History > SpeedSend History


·   Click on the respective reference number to view transaction details

c) How do I request for a refund?

·   Log in to CIMB Clicks


·   Go to Pay & Transfer > Transaction History > SpeedSend History


·   Click at the reference number at 'Ref' column of the listing to display the detail transaction.

·   Select ‘Request for Refund’ button


*Note: 'Request for Refund’ button will only be displayed for certain transaction status and availability

8. How are funds paid out to beneficiaries?

·       Cash Collection - Receiver could collect cash payout at SpeedSend’s partner locations


·       Credit to Account - Amount shall be credited into the beneficiary’s account

9. How does my receiver find his Agent location?

SpeedSend agent location can easily be identified physically with an outdoor lightbox with the SpeedSend logo.


Please visit to find SpeedSend agent locations


10. What does the transaction status show?

·       Available – The money is waiting for beneficiary collection


·       Pending – The transaction is accepted and pending to be credited into beneficiary’s account


·       Paid – Transaction successfully paid / credited to account


·       Rejected – The transaction is rejected due to incorrect payment details


·       Requested for Refund – The sender has requested the transaction to be refunded


·       Refunded – The transaction has been refunded to the sender’s account


·       Rejected and Refunded – The transaction is rejected with money automatically credited back into sender’s account


*Note: Any Outward Remittances that remain unpaid for a year from successful transaction date will be deemed unclaimed/uncollected and the funds will be subsequently forwarded to Registrar of Unclaimed Monies

11. Can I request for a refund transaction? Yes, provided the receiver has not collected the money or the funds was not successfully credited into beneficiary’s account due to incorrect beneficiary’s related details.
12. Where will my refund be credited or paid?

·         For Clicks transaction, the proceeds from the refund will be credited into the same account where the send transaction was initiated.


·         For transactions sent from CIMB Bank or CIMB Islamic Bank branches, the refund is made via cash or credit into sender’s account with CIMB Bank or CIMB Islamic Bank.


·         For transactions sent from CIMB Bank Currency Exchange, cash shall be paid to the senders.

13. Who can I call if I have any transaction inquiries related to SpeedSend?

You may contact

Customer Resolution Unit (CRU)

P.O. Box 10338

GPO Kuala Lumpur

50710 Wilayah Persekutuan


OR email to pertaining to transaction enquiries related to SpeedSend services.

14. How will the receiver collect the cash payout?

·       Receiver has to present the tracer number (i.e.: CMTMY12345678) to the payout agents for the fund collection.


·       Visit a SpeedSend location. Please remember to bring valid personal identification*


·       Complete the “SpeedSend Receive Money” form and provide proper identification to the SpeedSend agent.


* You may be required to provide personal identification, usually one or more of the following: passport, driving license, national identity card or a government issued identification. You may also be required to provide proof of address (bank statement or utility bill). Requirements vary by country. Please ask your local SpeedSend locations for acceptable identification formats.

15. Will I be refunded with the full sent amount?  

No, you will be refunded based on the bank’s prevailing foreign exchange buy rate. Transaction fee charged during initial transaction will not be refunded.


Please note that as processing the refund will require action from correspondent banks, this is also subject to prompt response from the correspondent banks.

16. Can I amend the transaction that I’ve submitted?

No. you cannot amend the transaction. However you are able to perform a cancellation.


Cash payout transaction cancellation:

If you wish to cancel the transaction for cash payout, which has yet to be collected by beneficiary, then you are allowed to request for refund.


Account crediting transaction cancellation:

If the cancellation is for account crediting, you are not allowed to request for refund if the fund has been credited. In addition, the fee paid will not be refunded to customer.

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