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What are the steps require for Credit/Prepaid Card PIN Request / Change?

  1. Login to Clicks using Username & Password

  2. Go to Services > Account & Cards menu

  3. Click on PIN Request/Change and select either Prepaid Card or Credit Card from the list

  4. Select the particular card number required for PIN change

  5. Key in the old PIN that you wish to change from and then key in the new selected PIN.

    You have to key in the new selected PIN again and both fields must match.

    If you do not have an Old PIN, you can request for a Temporary PIN by clicking the ‘Request’ button.

    CIMB Clicks will prompt a message to notify that your existing PIN will be overwritten if you proceed with this request. Temporary PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number.

  6. Request for TAC

  7. PIN change will be authenticated with 2nd Level Authentication (TAC).

    TAC will be sent to your mobile number

  8. Insert TAC and confirm the PIN change and CIMB Clicks will verify

  9. You will receive an SMS upon PIN change completion

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