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I am a Non-Resident and I need to update the Bank of my status under the Exempted Group, how do I do this?

If you are a Non-Resident who qualifies for the Exempted Group but have yet to update your status with the Bank i.e your Working Visa has been renewed or you have recently joined the MM2H programme; please visit any CIMB branch with the appropriate supporting documents (such as your renewed work permit or MM2H letter) for us to update your details in our system.


Upon completion of this process, your account(s) will be under the Exempted Group the following day, and you will be exempted from the RM10,000 limit per transaction.


However, if you wish to perform any transactions above RM10,000 on the same day, before your status in our system has been updated as under the Exempted Group, you will have to go to a CIMB branch and declare the purpose of the transaction along with supporting documents as proof. Please refer here for the allowed purposes and documents required.


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