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How do I know my transaction(s) is unsuccessful due to FEP? 

If your account status is categorised as Non-Resident and Non-Exempted customer, the following error message will be displayed should you make a fund transfer of RM10,000.


If you wish to transfer above the limit of RM10,000, please visit any CIMB branch and bring along supporting documents as per the Foreign Exchange Policy (FEP) Notices.


However, if your account status is categorised as a Non-Resident customer under the Exempted group, the transfer limit of RM10,000 per transaction does not apply.

Error Message 

You have exceeded the Fund Transfer limit of MYR10,000 for Non-Residents. For transfers above MYR10,000, visit any CIMB branch with supporting documents for purposes allowed under Foreign Exchange Policy Notice. Refer to Transfer Fund FAQs on our website. [SIBS_MY00264].

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