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What is the default limit?

Transaction Type Transaction Default Limit
Normal Preferred Prime Youth
Own Account Transfer No Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit
To Other CIMB Account & IBG & DuitNow (DuitNow QR Inclusive) RM5,000 RM5,000 RM5,000 RM300
Bill Payment via Deposit Account RM50,000 RM60,000 RM50,000 -
Bill Payment via Credit Card RM50,000 RM60,000 RM50,000 -

Remittance (Combined Limit of SpeedSend and Foreign Telegraphic Transfer)


*Remittance limit more than RM10,000 dependent on your relationship to the beneficiary e.g. immediate family or purpose of transfer e.g. education abroad.

RM50,000 RM50,000 RM50,000 -
Prepaid Reload Services RM500 RM500 RM500 RM100

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