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How do I save a transaction as ‘Favourite’ ? 

You can save time by saving your frequent or favourite fund transfers/loans/card payments, bill payments, JomPAY, KWSP transfers with ‘Save as Favourite’ feature on the App, today!


Method 1- Select 'Save as Favourite' while making a transaction (Web & App)

  1. Select 'Save as Favourite' once you fill in your transaction details.
  2. Confirm your transaction to complete your transaction.
  3. Your transaction details will be saved as Favourite. While transacting, tick the 'Save as Favourite'
  4. Confirm your transaction to proceed
  5. Account Recipient will be saved as Favourite upon completion of transaction


Method 2 - Manually add account via 'Manage Favourites' (Web only)

  1. Select Pay & Transfer > Manage Favourites
  2. Select Transaction Type 
  • My Favourite Transfers (Local/Foreign Transfer)
  • My Favourite Billers / JomPAY (Billers/JomPAY/KWSP)


   3.  Click '+' Add Favourite button at the bottom

   4.  Fill in recipient's details

   5.  Confirm recipient's details & click 'Request TAC'

   6.  Enter your TAC number & click 'Confirm'




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