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How do I save transaction as My Favourite?

'My Favourite' feature is available to fund transfers/loans/card payments, bill payments/JomPAY/KWSP transfers only.


Method 1 - Select "Save as Favourite" while transacting (Web & App)

  1. While transacting, tick the "Save as Favourite"
  2. Confirm your transaction to proceed
  3. Account Recipient will be saved as Favourite upon completion of transaction


Method 2 - Manually add account via "Manage Favourites" (Web only)

  1. Select Pay & Transfer > Manage Favourites
  2. Select Transaction Type 
  • My Favourite Transfers (Local/Foreign Transfer)
  • My Favourite Billers / JomPAY (Billers/JomPAY/KWSP)


   3.  Click '+' Add Favourite button at the bottom

   4.  Fill in recipient's details

   5.  Confirm recipient's details & click "Request TAC"

   6.  Enter your TAC number & click "Confirm"




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