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Need help with your application?

Money right on time

Get your loan approved within 1 hour* with CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan. Rates as low as 4.38% p.a.*.

*Only applicable to selected segments. Subject to the Bank’s final approval.

CPL 1 Hour

Benefits & Privileges

Low Rates Zero Fees Loan Tenure Loan Amount
Low Rates
Zero Fees
Loan Tenure
Loan Amount


  • Individuals aged 21 to 58 years old¹
  • Malaysian citizen
  • Minimum monthly gross income of RM2,000
  • In employment for more than 6 consecutive months
  • For self-employed, business to be active for more than 24 months

¹Maximum 60 years old upon maturity of loan tenure.

Income Document Requirement

Employer Fixed Income Earner (Basic only) Variable Income Earner (Basic + Allowances)

Multi National Company

Public Listed Company

Government Linked Company

Minimum latest 1 month payslip OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution Minimum latest 3 months payslip OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution
Others Minimum latest 3 months payslip AND latest 3 months salary crediting bank statement OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution
Self Employed Income Documents

Sole Proprietor


Private Listed Company (Sdn Bhd)

Business Registration Document²  AND


a) Minimum latest 6 months company bank statement OR


b) Latest  Form B/BE AND LHDN payment receipt OR


c) Latest e-Form B/BE AND latest e-filing acknowledgement receipt

²Business Registration Document refers to: Trading Licence/Company Search/Partnership Agreement/Professional Practicing Certificate

Interest Rates

  Lowest Pricing Highest Pricing
 Loan Tenure   Fixed Interest Rate  

Equivalent to Effective

Interest Rate(1)

  Fixed Interest Rate  

Equivalent to Effective

Interest Rate*

 2 to 5 Years 4.38% p.a.** 8.08% p.a.** 12.88% p.a. 21.61% p.a.
5.88% p.a. 10.65% p.a. 14.88% p.a. 24.51% p.a.
7.88% p.a. 13.93% p.a. 19.88% p.a. 31.42% p.a.


1)*Effective Interest Rate = Fixed interest rate based on daily resting reducing balance. Subject to customer remaining until end of tenure.

2)**Rate is applicable to CIMB Preferred only and subject to bank’s final approval.

3) Please note the final approved Fixed Interest Rate and Effective Interest Rate are subject to the Bank’s approving criteria.

4) “1 Hour Loan Approval” feature is exclusively available to a specific segment of CIMB customers, including those who hold a payroll account with CIMB. CIMB customers of this designated segment are required to submit their applications through self-service submission. Self-service submission is defined as complete submission of CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan by the customer including the upload of the supporting document(s), i.e. income document(s) via digital form. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event the customer being contacted by CIMB Retail Telemarketing Consultant (RTC) to request for further supporting documents due to incomplete submission, the said application will be not considered as self-service submission. "1 Hour Loan Approval" will be given to the completed application submitted via website before 12pm, excluding weekends and public holidays. Final approval is subject to the Bank's decision.