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Benefits & Privileges

Octo Octo Octo Octo
Low Rates
Zero Fees
Loan Tenure
Loan Amount


  • Individuals aged 21 to 58 years old*
  • Malaysian citizen
  • Minimum monthly gross income of RM2,000
  • In employment for more than 6 consecutive months
  • For self-employed, business to be active for more than 24 months

*Maximum 60 years old upon maturity of loan tenure.

Income Document Requirement

Employer Fixed Income Earner (Basic only) Variable Income Earner (Basic + Allowances)

Multi National Company

Public Listed Company

Government Linked Company

Minimum latest 1 month payslip OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution Minimum latest 3 months payslip OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution
Others Minimum latest 3 months payslip AND latest 3 months salary crediting bank statement OR latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution
Self Employed Income Documents

Sole Proprietor


Private Listed Company (Sdn Bhd)

Minimum latest 6 months company bank statement AND Business Registration Document*


a) Latest Form B AND LHDN
payment receipt OR

b) Latest e-Form B AND e-filing acknowledgement receipt

*Business Registration Document refers to: Trading Licence/Company Search/Partnership Agreement/Professional Practicing Certificate

Interest Rates

Loan Tenure Fixed Interest Rate Equivalent to Effective Interest Rate (Fixed interest rate, reducing balance, daily rest. Subject to customer remaining until end of tenure)
2 to 5 Years 6.88% p.a. 12.31% p.a.
7.88% p.a. 13.93% p.a.
9.88% p.a. 17.09% p.a. 
10.88% p.a. 18.62% p.a.
11.88% p.a. 20.13% p.a.
14.88% p.a. 24.51% p.a.

*Please note the the final approved Fixed Interest Rate and Effective Interest Rate are subject to the Bank’s approving criteria.