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We’ve made it easy for you to receive free electronic statement (eStatement) for your eligible CIMB Deposit accounts, Credit Card accounts and Loan/Financing accounts. We encourage our customers to make the switch to help us drive the reduction of paper consumption and promote contactless services especially in this current environment. 


For your security and convenience, the eStatement(s) are password protected and are accessible via most mobile devices and computers.


Benefits of eStatement:


  • Up to 18 months of extended access to electronic statements
  • Email notification when your new statement is available 
  • Added protection against identity theft

eStatement Conversion


The Bank will no longer be sending paper statements to you, please refer to the date communicated via sms/eDM.


For more information, refer to Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) below.


  Questions Deposit(s) Account Credit Card(s) Property Financing, Personal Financing, ASB Financing accounts
A When will I start to receive eStatement? Date as notified to you in the SMS/ email (“eDM”)

Date as notified to you in the SMS

Date as notified to you in the SMS/ email (“eDM”)
B Will my eStatement be emailed to my email registered with the Bank? Upon your subscription via CIMB Clicks for Email Statement Delivery. Please refer to Q15. Yes, provided the Bank has your email address. Upon your subscription for Email Statement Delivery via CIMB Clicks. Please refer to Q20.
C Can I update my email address to ensure I receive my eStatement at my latest email address? Yes,
refer to Q16.



refer to Q21

D Will I be able to view my eStatement on CIMB Clicks? Yes,
refer to Q14
Refer to Q2.


refer to Q19

E Am I able to change from eStatement to paper statement? Yes,
refer to Q13.
refer to Q5.


refer to Q18

F Will I get charged with Statement Fee if I choose to receive paper statement instead? No Yes,
refer to Q6.

Important Notice


If you have forgotten your CIMB User ID / Password, you may login to CIMB Clicks and select ‘Forgot ID / Password’.


Please note that your access to credit card / deposits / loan / financing account statement electronically via CIMB Clicks is governed by the CIMB Clicks Internet Banking agreement.