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Benefits & Privileges

Low Rate Zero Fee Hassle-Free Flexibility
Low Rate
Zero Fee

Key Features

Automatically Enrolled

Eligible credit cardholders will be automatically enrolled into the programme

36 Monthly Instalments

Outstanding credit card balances* will be converted to 36 monthly instalments

Minimum RM1,000

Minimum convertible amount is RM1,000

Convertible Amount

Convertible amount = total statement amount* – total payment made

How does Auto Balance Conversion work?

Upon enrolment for this programme, your outstanding credit card balance* will be assessed after the latest payment due date and converted into 36 monthly instalments upon meeting the eligibility criteria every 12 months.


CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic will auto-enroll eligible customers. Upon enrolment, the outstanding statement balance* will be converted after payment due date +5 calendar days.


With Auto Balance Conversion
Auto Balance Conversion Interest Rate  /
Payable Facility Charges**  : 13%
1ˢᵗ Month 2ⁿᵈ Month 3ʳᵈ Month
Outstanding Amount* converted to Auto Balance Conversion (RM) 15,000 - -
Minimum Payment Due (RM) 505 505 505
Outstanding Conversion Principal Amount (RM) 14,667 14,330 13,988
Without Auto Balance Conversion
No Auto Balance Conversion

Interest Rate /

Payable Facility Charges: 17%

1ˢᵗ Month 2ⁿᵈ Month 3ʳᵈ Month
Outstanding Amount (RM) 15,000 14,452 13,924
Minimum Payment Due (RM) 750 723 696


  • Nationality: Malaysian
  • Monthly income: Less or equal to RM5,000 (note that this refers to the latest verified income per your credit card issuer’s record)
  • Payment history: Payment ratio less or equal to 10% (average of 12 previous months)
  • Payment ratio = Total payment / total statement balance* (12 previous months)
  • Your card account is current and not delinquent

Important Notes

13% p.a. Effective Interest Rate (EIR)/ Payable Facility Charges (PFC)** is equivalent to 7.1% p.a. Flat Rate.

Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is the interest rate on a financial product with annual compounding.

This is only an illustration of the minimum payment due with and without Auto Balance Conversion with the following assumptions:

  1. Minimum payment due is 5% of statement balance*. Customer makes minimum payment of 5% monthly.
  2. There is no new retail spend or cash advance following the conversion.
  3. The outstanding balance* consists of retail spend only and revolves at 17% p.a.
  4. The monthly instalment amount from Auto Balance Conversion is RM505 and 100% of instalment amount is demanded.

*For CIMB Islamic Credit Card, the outstanding amount/statement balance that will be converted into Auto Balance Conversion is outstanding principal amount only.

**The PFC rate will be subject to the cardholder’s payment history (in accordance to BNM Credit Card-i Guideline) and the monthly rebate that shall be granted by the Bank on the Yearly Facility Charges during Auto Balance Conversion period.


***For Credit Card-i, the Bank will grant a rebate where applicable for early settlement of the installment plan.

Terms and Conditions

Product Disclosure Sheet


Other Information

How to opt-out or cancel Auto Balance Conversion

You may opt out from this programme by contacting CIMB . Once we have received your instruction, we will:

  • Not convert your credit card balance* to an instalment plan.
  • Not charge any penalty fee if cancelled.
  • Not charge any penalty fee for early settlement of outstanding balance*.
  • Upon conversion of your credit card balance, you are allowed to cancel within 30 days from the date of conversion without any penalty. This cooling-off period only applies to 1st time conversion
  • We will inform you of the next Balance Conversion offer 12 months later if you meet the eligibility criteria
  • If you opt to cancel the instalment plan during the 3-year tenure, you will have to pay the outstanding principal in full***