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CIMB Islamic Bank Credit Cards

Service Tax Implementation 

Effective 1 September 2018, Service Tax will be imposed on selected products and services only. Service Tax of RM25 will be imposed on each principal and supplementary CIMB Credit Cards upon activation and annual renewal of the principal and supplementary credit card.

Types of Charges Charge
Yearly Facility Charges

CIMB Platinum-i Credit Card - RM48,000

CIMB PETRONAS Platinum-i Credit Card - RM48,000

Minimum Monthly Repayment

5% of Current Balance* + 100% Service Tax (if any) + 100% of any monthly instalment amount of the IPP (if any) + any unpaid minimum payment specified in the preceding month’s statement; or RM50 whichever is higher.

*Current Balance = Retail Transactions amount (if any) + Cash Advance amount (if any) + Payable Facility Charges and/or Ta’widh (compensation) and any other applicable fees and charges (if any).

Payable Facility Charges 

The charges are:

(a) 1.25% per month or 15% per annum if you have promptly settled your minimum payment due for 12 consecutive months

(b) 1.42% per month or 17% per annum if you have promptly settled your minimum payment due for at least 10 months in a 12-month cycle.

(c) 1.50% per month of 18% per annum if your payment record is not within either (a) or (b) above.

Ta'widh (compensation) 1% on the unpaid balance arising from retail transactions and cash advance, subject to a minimum of RM10.00 and a maximum of RM100.00 and will be imposed if the minimum payment due is not paid by the relevant due date. 
Conversion for overseas transactions 

The conversion rate as determined by Mastercard International/VISA International (whichever is applicable) plus an administrative cost of 1% plus any transaction fee charged by Mastercard or VISA (whichever is applicable).

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a service offered by certain overseas merchants to provide a choice to pay in Ringgit Malaysia (including online purchases) for oversea purchase.

Temporary Credit Limit Increase 

Upon cardholder request and subject to the Bank's discretion. For every approved request, the Bank will charge a yearly temporary credit limit increase (TCI) fee based on type of card as follows: 

CIMB Platinum-i Credit Card  - RM24,000

CIMB PETRONAS Platinum-i Credit Card – RM24,000

Note: - TCI will be capped at maximum 50% of the original credit limit. TCI charges is a yearly upfront fee upon approval payable on monthly basis. The Bank however, may at its absolute discretion grant rebate or waive all or part of the charges.


Full payment on previous statement balance: If Cardholders fully paid on or before the 20 days dateline every month, the Bank will not charge any PFC for that particular month (full rebate will be given)

Partial or minimum payment on previous statement balance: The Bank at its absolute discretion may grant rebate or waive all or part of the YFC. Rebate is the difference between YFC and PFC.PFC will vary every month but the total sum of PFC each year shall not exceed YFC. The rebate is subject to Bank Negara Malaysia Guidelines on Credit Card-i Tier Pricing Structure.

Cash Advance Fee RM50 for every transaction (maximum withdrawal of RM1,000 per transaction)
Payable Facility Charges for Cash Transaction 1.5% per month or 18% per annum calculated on daily rest basis from transaction date to the date it is settled in full.
Card Replacement Fee RM10 for first replacement & RM50 for every subsequent replacement
Sales Draft Retrieval Fee Not applicable
Additional Statement Request Fee RM5.00 per monthly statement
Service Tax RM25.00 per annum
Paper Statement Fee RM1.00 per statement per credit card