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Hire Purchase

No Products/Items Charges
1 JPJ Search RM20.00 per request
2 Puspakom Inspection (VR1) RM28.00 per request
3 Postage of Hire Purchase Agreement  RM3.20* per recipient

Postage of Statutory Notices via Registered Mail

- Notice on Base Lending Rate (BLR) Revision

- 4th Schedule Notice

- Notice of Intention to Repossess

- 5th Schedule Notice

RM5.80 per recipient
5 Stamp duty on Hire Purchase / Guarantee Agreement  RM10.00 per agreement
6 Stamp duty on Rescheduling & Restructuring (R&R) Agreement  RM10.00 per agreement
7 Courier Services

- Within Malaysia
- To East Malaysia


RM10.00 per request
RM15.00 per request

8 Consent to change engine/registration number, transfer of vehicle between East and West Malaysia RM50.00 per letter
9 Audit Confirmation RM10.00 per request
10 Additional Loan/Financing Statement (half year no charge) RM20.00 per request
11 Photocopy/Faxing of Guarantee Agreement RM8.00 per request
12 Photocopy/Faxing of Hire Purchase Agreement RM16.00 per request
13 Photocopy/Faxing of Approval Permit RM7.00 per request
14 Photocopy/Faxing of Registration Card RM7.00 per request

*This charge is an indicative charge only and may vary based on the actual postage charge by Pos Malaysia.


Note : Taxes on products and services (including but not limited to service tax, indirect taxes or withholding taxes), where applicable, as may be imposed by the Government of Malaysia and any taxes payable in connection with or arising out of facility financing/account will be payable.