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What are services/facilities available for CIMB Phone banking?

Services Available


Current and Savings Account

  • Check account balance
  • Check transaction listing
  • Request for bank statement
  • Check float amount
  • Make an enquiry on cheque status*
  • Transfer funds to your own account(s)
  • Perform bill payments

 *Not available for Savings Account


Financing – Home Financing and Hire Purchase

  • Check payment amount due
  • Check outstanding balance
  • Perform loan payments
  • Request for bank statement

Fixed Deposit / Investment Account

  • Check account balance

Credit Card Services

  • Request for bank statement
  • Check last payment made
  • Check credit card balance
  • Make an enquiry regarding bonus points
  • Perform credit card payments

Other Services

  • Check rates (New)
  • Make an enquiry regarding CIMB products/campaigns (New)

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