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Which features are available in the CIMB OCTO App?


Some of the features available in this early version are:

  • Viewing your accounts
  • Transfer to CIMB/DuitNow/IBG (own and 3rd party)
  •  JomPAY
  • Top Up Mobile Prepaid
  • Push Notification Activation
  • Quick Payment Activation
  • Account Summary includes Gold Investment (GIA/eGIA) and Unit Trust
  • Save Favourite Recipients/JomPAY payee/Top Up mobile number
  • View Credit Cards expiry date and CVV
  • Viewing your Singapore Accounts
  • SecureTAC Activation for use within CIMB OCTO App (for web transactions the SecureTAC will be sent to CIMB Clicks App)
  • DuitNow QR


Note: For ease of transaction, your existing favourite billers/payees will be reflected on the CIMB OCTO App.

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