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What are the supporting documents required for the Foreign Telegraphic Transfer to be approved?

Customers and the Bank must comply with the Foreign Exchange Policy requirements when initiating an Outward  payment and the supporting documents are required for the processing of an Outward Foreign Telegraphic Transfer payment.


The following are example of the supporting documents required:

Purpose of payment

Examples of documents to support transaction (non-exhaustive)

Between immediate family (parents, spouse, children and siblings only) Marriage certificate, birth certificate, identity cards, passports
Education overseas

For sponsoring entity: Letter of award / scholarship / sponsorship, letter of offer by overseas school / college / university for sponsored student, invoice for tuition / accommodation / other fees

For individual: Letter of offer by overseas school / college / university
for student, valid student card / pass / ID, invoice for tuition / accommodation / other fees, letter indicating estimated fees and/or living expenses for an academic year

Employment overseas Letter of offer from employer, letter from employer confirming employee identity and status of employment, work permit, payslip.
Loan repayment Letter of offer or loan agreement, loan repayment schedule, promissory note
Goods and services Invoice, bill of lading, purchase order, delivery order, supply contract, service /
tenancy / rental agreement, payment advice
Ringgit asset, including any income and profit due Sale and purchase agreement, receipt for purchase or sale, tenancy / rental
agreement, dividend payment notice
Payment of any security or financial instrument (conventional and Islamic), payment of commodity murabahah transaction through resident commodity trading service provider, payment of derivative with a resident futures broker Letter of account opening, contract notes with due dates, resident broker invoices to the buyer / customer

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