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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


CIMB Debit Card renewal via mail

1.       What is CIMB Debit Card renewal via mail?

We have taken the opportunity to enhance our digital platform to make it easy for you to renew your CIMB Debit Card in the comfort of your home, which will delivered to you all in five (5) steps.


2.       Who will be eligible  for this?

Any CIMB customers who:

·         Hold CIMB Debit Card which has expired or will be expiring within the next three (3) months;

·         Are currently residing in Malaysia; and

·         Have a valid Malaysian mobile number registered with CIMB.


3.       Is this applicable to all CIMB Debit Cards?

This is available for most of our Debit Cards except:

·         CIMB PETRONAS Debit Mastercard

·         CIMB MyDebit Mastercard (formerly known as CIMB Tesco Debit Mastercard)

·         CIMB Preferred Debit Mastercard

·         CIMB Octo Debit Mastercard.


4.       Will my CIMB Debit Card be automatically enrolled for this?

There is no automatic enrolment for this. For a hassle free experience, key in your last 6 digits of your NRIC no. and last 4 digits of your CIMB Debit Card in the eForm and follow the instructions on screen.  


5.       Can I key-in a different address on the eForm, and will it update my registered mailing address with CIMB?

Yes, you may key-in a different address on the eForm and it will be used only to mail your renewed CIMB Debit Card. To update your registered mailing address in our system, you can visit (Update Profile > Update Address) or alternatively, visit any CIMB branch.


6.       Do I need to submit any documents?

No documents are required.


7.       I have more than one CIMB Debit Card, will this request be applicable for all or just selected CIMB Debit Card?

We will require you to make separate submissions for each of your CIMB Debit Card, which has expired or will be expiring within the next 3 months.


8.       When will I receive my CIMB Debit Card?

You will receive your CIMB Debit Card within 14 working days (excludes weekend and public holidays).


9.       What do I need to do if I do not receive my debit card within 14 working days?

Please contact us or visit any CIMB branch for assistance.


10.   Will I be able to use my existing CIMB Debit Card once I submit a request for renewal via mail?

You will be able to use your existing CIMB Debit Card until the expiry date of your existing debit card.  Once you activate the renewed debit card, your existing debit card will no longer be active. You are required to immediately destroy your existing debit card upon activating the renewal debit card by cutting it in half across the magnetic strip and microchip.


11.   Do I need to activate my renewed debit card?

Yes, you must activate it at any Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”) by using your existing debit card 6 digit ATM personal identification number (“PIN”) and performing an ATM transaction.