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Credit Card

Shop your heart out with CIMB 0% Easy Pay

Why put your wish list on hold? 

Split your purchase into 0% monthly instalments of up to 36 months at these participating merchant outlets.

Check out our list of over 1,000 participating merchants here.

Important Notes

  1. CIMB 0% Easy Pay is only valid at participating merchant outlets.
  2. To avoid finance charges being imposed, all Cardholders who have subscribed to 0% Easy Pay, are required to make payment of the monthly instalment specified at the time the Instalment Payment Plan ("the Monthly Instalment") is entered into the full. 
  3. If a Cardholder does not settle in full any particular Monthly Instalment as and when those Monthly Instalment falls due, the Cardholder will be liable for the finance charges on the Outstanding Balance.


Terms and Conditions