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Are you fueling up but not getting any added benefits? In this economy? Let’s fix that.


With RON97 at RM3.47 per litre and RON95 at RM2.05 per litre (as of May 2024), it’s clear that refueling can quickly empty your wallet. This is why you need a petrol credit card!


Petrol credit cards are designed to help you maximise your fuel savings. Forget monotonous miles and stagnant rewards—these cards offer you cash rebates for your petrol purchases and daily expenses, along with exclusive benefits and easy convenience.


And also, even if you drive an electric car (EV), there’s a CIMB credit card waiting to shower you with rewards. Curious to know how petrol credit cards can benefit you? 

Why Get A Petrol Credit Card?


There are several reasons to consider a petrol credit card, with cash rebates taking the spotlight. These cards are designed to offer you cashback on your petrol purchases, essentially putting money back into your wallet with every fuel pump.


In a country where we mostly drive to our destinations, petrol credit cards can offer you convenience and savings that you need.

CIMB’s Petrol Credit Cards: Benefits Beyond the Pump

What’s even better is that CIMB takes it a step further. In comparison to other petrol credit cards in the market, CIMB offers benefits that extend beyond the pump station, including cash rebates on EV charging, grocery shopping, dining and overseas spend.


Already a Setel user? Even better! Just link your CIMB PETRONAS Visa-i credit card to your Setel app to enjoy amazing perks. Here’s everything you’ll get with our credit cards: 

Fuel Up Your Savings with Cash Rebates at PETRONAS stations

Imagine refueling and knowing that with every litre, you are earning up to 12% Cash Rebate with your CIMB PETRONAS Visa-i Credit Cards.


Get cash rebates when you spend on:

  • PETRONAS transactions
  • Setel transactions at PETRONAS
  • EV charging at PETRONAS stations


Cash Rebates When You Shop, Dine, and Park

But hold on, the benefits don’t just stop at PETRONAS. These cards also offer attractive cash rebates on other everyday expenses. Dining out, shopping for groceries, and even cashless parking earns you up to 6% cash rebate.


Travel Perks and Benefits

Enjoy even more privileges with the CIMB PETRONAS Visa Infinite-i credit card, such as the comfort of airport lounge access at selected Plaza Premium Lounge for a relaxing start to your journey.


Shopping overseas? Your card gives you unlimited 1% Cash Rebate. And for peace of mind while travelling, you’re covered with up to RM1 Million Travel Takaful insurance when you charge your airline tickets to your CIMB Petronas Visa-i Credit Cards.

0% Easy Pay at Selected Proton and Perodua Service Centres

For Proton and Perodua car owners, you can pay for your car service in monthly 0% instalments for up to 24 months at participating Proton or Perodua service centres. 

No Annual Fee 

Enjoy all the benefits of CIMB’s PETRONAS Visa-i Credit Cards with zero annual fees to ensure that every reward you earn is as valuable as it should be.  

Which CIMB PETRONAS Visa-i Credit Card Should I Get? 

Choose from two CIMB PETRONAS Visa-i Credit Cards to get the one that aligns with your lifestyle:





Visa Infinite-i


Visa Platinum-i

Minimum Income Requirement

RM120,000 per annum

RM24,000 per annum

Annual Fee



Cash Rebates at PETRONAS

Up to 12% on all Setel transactions, PETRONAS transactions and EV charging at PETRONAS stations

Up to 8% on all Setel transactions, PETRONAS transactions and EV charging at PETRONAS stations

Other Cash Rebates

Up to 6% on Groceries, Dining, and Cashless Parking + 1% on Overseas Spend

Up to 2% on Groceries, Dining, and Cashless Parking

Airport Lounge Access



Travel Insurance/Travel Takaful



0% Easy Pay at Selected Proton and Perodua Service Centres



How to Apply for a CIMB PETRONAS Visa-i Credit Card

Ready to get your own PETRONAS Visa-i Credit Cards?


Applying is simple. Just head over to the promotion page and apply online to get started. With a straightforward online application process, you could be enjoying your rewards in no time, so don’t let the savings slip away!



Terms and Conditions apply.



This article is for informational purposes only and CIMB does not make any representation and warranty as to the accuracy, completeness and fairness of any information contained in this article. As this article is general in nature, it is not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. You are advised to consult a financial advisor or investment professional before making any decisions based on the information contained in this article. CIMB assumes no liability for any consequences arising from your reliance on the information presented here.