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Daily Unrestricted Investment Account-i (DURIAN-i)

No Types of Charges Charge

Debit Card annual fee

2 Replacement of lost/ stolen/ mishandled Debit Card RM12.00
3 Account statement

i) Free on a monthly basis                                   
ii) RM20.00 per month for daily requests     
iii) RM10.00 per month for weekly requests
iv) RM5.00 per month for fortnightly requests

4 Reproduction of statement of account RM2.00 per page
5 Closing of account (within 3 months of its opening) RM20.00
6 Stamp duty for third-party mandate RM10.00
7 Stop Payment Instruction RM20.00
8 Letter of Reference RM30.00
9 Dormant Account Fee

RM10.00 annually after the date of notice sent to account holder.

For balance up to RM10.00, the balance will be absorbed as dormant fee and the account will be closed.


The fees and charges listed above are inclusive of any taxes, where applicable.

Other Bank's standard Fees and Charges shall apply or when customer decides to use the services provided by the Bank.