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Update your credit card mailing address via CIMB Clicks!

Are you preparing for a change of address?

It is important to make sure your CIMB Credit Card mailing address is updated to continue receiving notifications or even your renewed

credit card from us!


Updating mailing address is now made easy for you, where you can change your new address via CIMB Clicks!


Here’s how you can help us update your mailing address.

Want to check your current registered mailing address with us?

Just refer to your credit card monthly statement. It's that simple!

Log in to CIMB Clicks  >  My Accounts  >  Select the Credit Card you would like to view

Here's how to update your credit card mailing address on CIMB Clicks

You are not required to update your credit card mailing address

if your current registered address with CIMB is still valid.

NOTE: For rejected and approved request, a secure message will be sent to you. 4 working days are required to update your address. 

Do not have a CIMB Clicks account yet? 

It only takes 2 minutes to register! 

Guide to register CIMB Clicks via web

Guide to register CIMB Clicks via mobile

Guide to register your mobile number to receive TAC via ATM (for customers who choose to register CIMB Clicks using CIMB Debit Card)

For further assistance, click here to reach out to us!