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Looking to fund your dream vacation or a passion project? A personal loan can be the financial tool you need to turn your passion into reality.


A personal loan also provides the flexibility to help you manage your finances. It can be used for home improvements, support educational pursuits or help you navigate unexpected emergency expenses.


Ready to take control of your financial choices? Let CIMB be your guide! Explore the features of CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan to empower yourself and make informed financial decisions that align with your unique journey.




FAQ: All About CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan


What is CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan, and how does it work? 


CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan is an unsecured personal loan, which means that no collateral or guarantor is required on your application.


It comes with key features such as:


  • Loan amount from RM2,000 to RM100,000
  • Flexible payment period from 2 years and up to 5 years
  • Fixed interest rate ranging from 4.38% p.a.2 to 19.88% p.a. (effective interest rate: 8.08% p.a. to 31.42% p.a. depending on the facility tenure)
  • No processing fee, no early settlement fee, no lock-in period and no stamp duty. However, there is a late payment penalty fee of 1.0% p.a.


2only applicable to selected segment. Subject to the Bank’s final approval.

Is there an online application for CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan? 

Yes, there is! The CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan can be applied online in just 10 minutes.


Am I eligible for CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan? 


Let’s find out! To be eligible for CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan, you have to meet these criteria:


  • Individuals aged 21 to 58 years old¹
  • Malaysian citizens
  • Minimum monthly gross income of RM2,000
  • Stable employment for more than 6 consecutive months
  • For those who are self-employed, business has to be active for more than 24 months.


¹Maximum 60 years old upon maturity of loan tenure.

How long will it take for my loan application to get approved and dispensed? 

If you require swift access to funds, then good news! CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan’s online application takes just 10 minutes to complete. After submission, your application will be processed and approved on the same day3.


Your funds will then be disbursed within 2 working days.


3Same day approval is exclusively available to a specific segment of CIMB customers, including those who hold a payroll or a loan account with CIMB. CIMB customers of this designated segment are required to submit their applications through self-service submission.


How do I quicken the application process?


Preparing all necessary documents in advance expedites the process significantly. Here are the documents you need:


Self-employed individuals (sole proprietors, partnerships, and private listed companies) will require either:


  • Business registration document AND 6-month minimum company bank statement OR;
  • Business registration document AND LHDN payment receipt and the latest B or BE form received OR;
  • Business registration document AND latest e-filing acknowledgement receipt and B or BE e-form received


Fixed-income employees of multinational companies, public listed companies, and government-linked companies will require:


  • One-month minimum payslip OR
  • Latest EPF statement, reflecting at least 6 months of contributions


Variable income earners of multinational companies, public-listed companies, and government-linked companies will require:


  • 3 months minimum payslip OR
  • Latest EPF statement, reflecting at least 6 months of contributions


Other employers:


  • Three months minimum payslip AND
  • Latest 3 months salary crediting bank statement OR
  • Latest EPF statement, reflecting at least 6 months of contributions



Take the next step toward your dream life. Apply for the CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan today!


Personal Loan Tips and FAQs

From interest payment calculations to money management, here are some tips to help you borrow responsibly, so you can repay effectively: 



What is a personal loan? 



A personal loan is a fixed amount of money that you can borrow from a bank. This amount is repaid in monthly installments – your bank will notify you of the monthly repayment amount, your total borrowing amount and the interest rate.


How much am I paying in interest rate? 



It’s important to know what you’re paying. The formula for calculating the total interest payment is as follows:


Principal Loan Amount x Interest Rate x Repayment Period = Total Interest


Or, you can also use a personal loan calculator online to determine your affordability. 


What factors will impact my approval status or eligibility to get a personal loan?



Apart from the bank’s requirements, several other factors can impact your loan eligibility, such as:


Credit score

Banks usually use credit scores to assess your creditworthiness. Higher credit scores generally indicate a history of responsible credit management, making you more likely to be approved for a loan.


Credit History

While related to your credit score, your credit history provides a detailed account of your credit behaviour. Banks may use this to assess how you've managed credit in the past, including your payment history, types of credit used, and any outstanding debts.


Debt-to-Income Ratio (DSR)

Banks sometimes assess your DSR to see if you’re able to take on additional debt.


How to calculate DSR = Total monthly commitment / Total monthly income x 100%


A lower debt-to-income ratio (below 40% or 50%) indicates that you have more disposable income to meet new loan obligations, and thus more likely to get your loan application approved.


What should I consider before taking a personal loan?



Before applying for any types of loans, consider these to ensure that your finances are well-managed:


Plan ahead

Have a clear repayment plan before going into it. Familiarise yourself with the total interest rate, payment schedules, and more! This will give you the space to comfortably finance monthly repayments without compromising your financial standing.


Consider the Impact on your budget

Ensure you take loans that align with your financial situation.


Borrow only what you need

Avoid borrowing more than the necessary amount if you can. Just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you should! A higher amount means a higher interest payment that you have to fork out every month.



Whether it’s your first step on your financial journey or your hundredth, personal loans aren’t necessarily easy to digest. That’s why we’re here to help and guide you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need our expertise, feel free to reach out to us!



This article is brought to you by CIMB as part of our ongoing efforts to raise the level of financial literacy among Malaysians. Financial knowledge and understanding are key to making well-informed and meaningful financial decisions towards positively improving welfare and well-being of communities. This is one of our many efforts to achieve CIMB’s purpose of advancing customers and society.

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