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Property Refinancing

Refinance your house for cash with the option of no upfront cost.

Check out the scenario below to find out how to generate extra cash from mortgage refinancing/top-up.

You previously bought a house worth RM300,000 by taking up 90% home
financing and after a few years of payment, you now have an outstanding
amount of RM250,000 as per below illustration.

This is how you can generate extra cash by applying for a refinancing/top-up with CIMB as your property value appreciates!

Based on the illustration shown above, you can potentially generate an extra cash amount of RM70,000!


Note: The breakdown above is for illustration purposes only.

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Important Notes

1.  Mortgage top-up request with less than 6 months-on-book (MOB) is not allowed.
2.  All applications and their applicable interest/profit rate will be subjected to CIMB’s internal credit policy.
3.  Mortgage refinancing/top-up is subject to bank’s requirement and approval.