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How do I approve transactions using SecureTAC?

For transactions above RM100, you will receive a SecureTAC notification via CIMB Clicks App. If you did not receive the notification, log on to the app, swipe the menu and tap on the SecureTAC icon.
Do remember to turn on the notification for CIMB Clicks App to ensure you receive the notifications.
  • Mobile app transactions:

    1. Verify your transaction details on confirmation page
    2. Scroll down & tap on "Approve" button to authorise the transaction
  • Online banking transactions:

    • Method 1:
      1. Step 1: Tap on SecureTAC push notification received on your phone
      2. Step 2: Tap on "Approve" or “Reject”

    • Method 2:
      1. Open CIMB Clicks App
      2. Swipe left on homescreen & select "SecureTAC"
      3. Tap on "Approve" or “Reject”

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