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If I have both CIMB OCTO App and CIMB Clicks App, will I be able to receive SecureTAC on both Apps?

Starting 20 February 2024, the approval of debit or credit card transactions using SecureTAC feature is only available on CIMB OCTO App.


To approve your transactions securely and with ease using SecureTAC , please set CIMB OCTO App as your primary App.


Steps to set CIMB OCTO App as Primary App:

  1. Launch CIMB OCTO App, tap on “SecureTAC Approval” button on home screen
  2. Tap “Yes” to set the login device as primary to receive SecureTAC approval
  3. On the SecureTAC approval page, tap “Approve” and you’re done!

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