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What are the services offered in BizChannel@CIMB?

Based on the services subscribed, organization users can accomplish these tasks using BizChannel@CIMB:




AccountServives@CIMB allows customers on-line, real-time and secure access to information through CIMB. With this service, you can:


  • View account statements and details of transactions
  • View historical data up to a specified period of time with search function ability
  • Statement downloads in various formats for ease of bank account reconciliation and seamless integration to your accounting systems
  • Advice Printing with option to embed company logo by email or physical mail
  • Maintain Favourite Account and Template for recurring payments




Payments@CIMB solutions aim to expedite payments in the most cost-efficient manner to enhance a corporate's purchase-to-pay cycle with the following solutions:


  • Bulk Payments - Payroll including salary credits, EPF, LHDN, SOCSO and ZAKAT
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
  • Fund Transfer
  • Cashier's Order & Demand Drafts
  • RENTAS & Telegraphic Transfers
  • Government Payment Services
  • FPX Payments
  • DuitNow Transfer




Collections@CIMB solution focuses on providing cost-efficient solutions to enhance a company's order-to-cash cycle. Value for funds and information flows for account reconciliation are enhanced via the following solutions:


  • Collections inquiry module
  • Direct Debit - CIMB & PayNet
  • Bill Payments
  • JomPay
  • FPX Collections
  • DuitNow ID (with Business Registration Number)

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