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Digital Banking
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Features & Benefits

Zero Cost*
Seamless Reconciliation

DuitNow ID

For Businesses

  • Businesses Registration Number


For Individuals

  • Mobile Number
  • NRIC
  • Army/Police Number
  • Passport Number

How to receive funds via DuitNow

Option 1: Receive funds via DuitNow ID

STEP 1: Register your Business Registration Number as your DuitNow ID and select your company’s CIMB account to link it to your DuitNow ID. 


BizChannel@CIMB package

Forms to complete / online registration

New to BizChannel@CIMB

Standard / Customised

BizChannel@CIMB Application Form

Existing BizChannel@CIMB customer

LITE / Standard

BizChannel@CIMB Maintenance Form


Register upon logging in to  BizChannel@CIMB

Click here for user guide

STEP 2: Share your DuitNow ID with your payers.

STEP 3: Your payers can now transfer funds instantly and securely to your company’s account via DuitNow.


Option 2: Receive funds via account number

Just share your company’s account number with your payers and they will be able to transfer funds instantly and securely to your company’s account via DuitNow.

How to pay with DuitNow

STEP 1: Log in to

STEP 2: Select DuitNow under “Payment Management”.

 Enter your recipient’s DuitNow ID or account number and transfer details to send them your payment.

For more information about DuitNow, visit

Terms and Conditions



*Valid until 31 December 2023.