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When will the payment be available in the beneficiary’s account for IBG transfer?

Payment Initiated by Customers *Funds Received by Beneficiaries *Refund for Unsuccessful Transactions

Business Days

(Monday to Friday)

Before 5:00am Same business day By 11:00am By 5:00pm
5:01am - 8:00am By 2:00pm By 8:20pm
8:01am - 11:00am By 5:00pm By 11:00pm
11:01am - 2:00pm By 8:20pm By 11:00am, next business day
2:01pm - 5:00pm By 11:00pm
After 5:00pm Next business day By 11:00am By 5:00pm, next business day
Non-Business Days (Saturday, Sunday, Federal Territory Public Holidays) Next business day By 11:00am By 5:00pm, next business day

*under normal circumstances



  1. Applicable for all IBG payments and funds transfer to current accounts & savings accounts/loan and credit card payments.
  2. The maximum limit for IBG fund transfer is RM 1,000,000 per transaction.


Note: This list only serves as guidance; CIMB is not responsible for any changes made by participating banks.


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