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Digital Banking
Help & Support

Do I have to pay for using Bizhannel@CIMB?

BizChannel@CIMB charges nominal monthly subscription fees and competitive transaction charges. However, CIMB has the discretion to impose other charges prior to which sufficient notice will be given to customers.

Transaction Types BizChannel@CIMB Fees & Charges
Monthly Subscription RM 20 per user
Security Device Fee Rm 100 per device
Telegraphic Transfer

RM 6 (SGD, Indon Rupiah, Thai Baht)

RM 20 (Other currencies)

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS/RENTAS Payment/ Local Bank Transfer)

RM2 per transaction
Interbank GIRO Fund Transfer (IBG) RM 0.10 per transaction
DuitNow Transfer Waived until further notice
Bulk Payments RM 0.10 per transaction
Banker's Cheque RM 5 and stamp duty of RM0.15
Stop Payment Instruction on Bulk Payment RM 10 per instruction

Demand Draft

i) Local Demand Draft

ii) Foreign Demand Draft

FDD denominated in Malaysian Ringgit

FDD denominated in foreign currency less than RM5,000

FDD denominated in foreign currency more than RM5,000






No Charge

* Note: The RM0.50 processing fee on each cheque issued will take effect on 2 January 2015.

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