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Effective Date New Return / Hibah (%p.a.)

Corporate Banking & Financial Institution Group

14-Jul-20  0.10




Commercial Banking

- SME Banking

- SME Banking (includes SPP)

1-Jul-20 Average Balance (RM) New Return / Hibah (%p.a.)
<500K -
500K to 1 mil -
> 1 mil 0.10

Notes :


1. The Return is paid by way of discretionary Hibah.

2. Account  where Return/Hibah is paid at individual account level will remain as per maintained rate.

3. All Return/Hibah rates disclosed are given in discretion of the bank. A customer may or may not receive any Return/Hibah for deposits based on Qard contract.

4. The above Return/Hibah rates are historic in natures where the said rates have been provided to account holders by CIMB Islamic in the past. The historical Return/Hibah information is not to be construed as an indicative or prospective rate of return, a guarantee or a legally-binding promise that Return/Hibah will be granted on placement of deposits based on Qard contract.

5. The products involved are Current Acount-i, Basic Current Account-i ,Basic Current Account-i with fee and Basic Current Account-i without fee.

6. Online Business Current Account-i is not eligible for Hibah (gift).