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Our Services

Easy tracking

We understand your export documents are essential in facilitating the smooth flow of goods and payments in your export transactions. Our collaboration with DHL enables you to track and monitor your export documents conveniently.

A click away

Track your export documents anytime, anywhere around the world, via the internet. Just click ‘OK’ on the disclaimer window, enter your CIMB export Bill Reference Number/ DHL Airwaybill Number, and start tracking!

Quick link

Access this online web-based facility through

Unlock trapped cash through financing

Our Trade-Backed Contract Financing satisfies both customers and suppliers without having to dig deep into business accounts for funds.

Improved cash flow

Pre-financing allows you to deal with larger contracts without worrying about upfront payment.

Improve working capital management

Save on working capital and use your excess funds to expand your business.


Get direct trade financing in Ringgit Malaysia and Renminbi.

Mitigate FOREX risks

Lower your foreign exchange exposure when trading with your counterparts in China, and save on foreign exchange conversion and administrative costs.

Credit standing

Strengthen your relationship with your trading partners in China.

Faster turnaround time

Speed up your trade settlements when you appoint CIMB entities as:

  • Your Issuing Bank and Negotiating Bank for Documentary Credit transactions.
  • Your Remitting Bank and Collecting Bank for Documentary Collection transactions. 


Whether you are an importer or an exporter, get protection against loss or damage during the movement of cargo from one port/country to another. The conveyance can be by sea, air or land.

Faster turnaround time

Save time on document checking and financing with our single document checking services.


If you are an exporter, your payment is assured because document compliance is confirmed by CIMB as the Issuing Bank.


If you are an exporter, you may replace discrepant documents, even if CIMB Issuing Bank has issued a statement of discrepant documents.


Eligible for all trade finance customers