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Digital Banking
Help & Support

Features & Benefits

Better Trade Terms


Applicable for all customers with a Standby Letter of Credit requirement

Fees and Charges

Type of product / service Fees & Charges Cut-off time for transaction to be processed
Issuance and amendment involving increase in amount and/or extension of expiry date 0.1% per month or part thereof – Minimum RM100

Monday to Friday: 4:00 p.m. same day


It is estimated that funds will be credited by the receiving Bank on the next business day.

Amendments - others RM50 flat
Acceptance 0.1% per month or part thereof - Min RM100
Cancellation prior to expiry date RM100 flat
Documents Discrepancy Fee

RM denominated Documentary Credit - RM50 flat


FCY denominated Documentary Credit - USD50 flat or equivalent

For General Charges, please refer to General Charges@Trade

Note: CIMB Bank Berhad reserves the right to vary the fees and charges stated above with prior notice or as agreed with the customer in the Letter of Offer.