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Digital Banking
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Features & Benefits

Government Guarantee
Attractive Financing Rate
Large Financing Amount
Flexible Tenure
Various Financing Facilities

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Applicable for SMEs in all sectors with at least 51% shares held and controlled by Malaysian
  • SMEs must be registered under the Registration of Business Act 1956; or the Companies Act 1965 or 2016; or Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012; or Sabah and Sarawak local authorities and district offices; or statutory bodies that provide professional services
  • The facility is open to SMEs in all sector who are pursuing efforts to transform their operations into more sustainable and low carbon practices
  • The facility shall only be used for working capital and/or capital expenditure to initiate or facilitate the transition to low carbon and sustainable operation
  • Submission documentary evidence or such other documents acceptable to the Bank indicating amongst others, the low carbon transition activity(ies), its related expenses (if any), and its pre / post benefits including but not limited to solar electricity generation, energy efficiency performance, water / fuel usage, sustainability-related certification, sustainability-related policies and sustainable materials for the purpose of reporting on LCTF to BNM
  • Available until full utilisation of the scheme limit of RM2 billion

Note: Terms and conditions apply.