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Digital Banking
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Features & Benefits

Blanket Limit
Zero-Charge Renewal
High Margin of Financing
Easy Online Payment
Minimal Admin Cost

What is Leasing?

Lease financing is a facility where you pay us fixed lease rentals for the use of equipment or machinery from us.


Applicable for private and public listed companies, cooperatives, government bodies and agencies

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

Equipment Type

You can lease commercial vehicles, computer systems and IT related equipment, plant and machinery, construction equipment, material handling equipment, eco-tourism related equipment, health services related equipment, energy related equipment, oil and gas related equipment, and office equipment, except for equipment that are considered ‘Special Purpose Equipment’.

Fees and Charges

Type of product / service Fees & Charges
Stamp duty  (Leasing agreement) Subject to Stamp Act 1949
Stamp duty (Master Lease agreement) RM10.00
Stamp duty (Guarantee agreement) RM10.00
Processing Fee (per agreement) RM100.00
Postage To be borne by client
Audit Confirmation RM100.00 per request