You’ve seen Octo plushies, Octo posters, Octo bus, Octo in the airport, now it’s time to get Octo on your mobile!
Add some colour to your day with an assortment of Octo Stickers! Here’s how!

Important Notes

  1. Ensure stability of internet connection prior to downloading of the application.
  2. Check and update mobile device operating system to Android 4.4 above.
  3. Ensure mobile device is not jailbroken / rooted. Any jailbroken, modified or rooted mobile devices will not be able to download the application.
  4. Do not duplicate, copy or redistribute Octo Stickers by CIMB application.
  5. Ensure WhatsApp is installed prior to using the Octo Stickers by CIMB application, WhatsApp needs to be installed in order for Octo Stickers by CIMB application to function.

Terms and Conditions