With CIMB, we offer competitive rates for your Saudi Riyal (SAR)!

Find a lower published SAR rate from other commercial banks within the same day prior to the collection of your SAR, then we will offer a discount up to RM0.50 per 100 units of SAR from our Currency Exchange board rate.*

Campaign Period: 22 July 2019 until 31 December 2019

Act now! Grab your SAR currency notes before the campaign ends!

* Notes:

  1. Eligible Customer(s) can provide CIMB with evidence that any other commercial bank(s) is selling SAR at a rate lower than CIMB Currency Exchange selling board rate. Evidence submitted by the Eligible Customer(s) are subject to verification by CIMB. CIMB will not accept any evidence that cannot be independently verified by CIMB.
  2. Selling rate offered by other commercial bank(s) must not be offered as result of a promotion/campaign/product or being a member of any loyalty programme.

Terms and Conditions