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Debit Card Great Overseas Spend Campaign

Shop online or spend abroad with no foreign exchange fee! #Debitjer with CIMB Debit Mastercard.

Important Notes

1. Foreign Exchange Fee comprises of 1% cross-border fee and 1% administration fee for overseas retail purchase.

2. For non-Preferred Debit Mastercard customers, the administration fee of 1% of the total amount transacted is waived, while the cross-border fee of 1% is applicable. This offer is valid from 1 March 2023 – 29 February 2024.

3. Discount of up to 3% for overseas ATM withdrawals is against CIMB’s Board Rate quoted under “Selling TT” as displayed here.

4. Overseas Spend is also subject to a currency conversion rate as determined by Mastercard Worldwide plus any other fee that may be charged by Mastercard.

5. No overseas cash withdrawal fee is imposed for withdrawals performed at CIMB regional ATMs. RM8 per transaction and RM10 per transaction is imposed on overseas withdrawals made via the MEPS Network and non-MEPS Network respectively.

6. “Overseas Spend” means retail and/or online purchases made in foreign currency and not in Ringgit Malaysia (“RM”) using CIMB Debit Mastercard.

7. Purchase(s) converted to RM via the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) system will be categorized as a local currency transaction and shall not be treated as Overseas Spend.

Terms and Conditions