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Welcome Bonus Campaign

Activate, spend and be rewarded!

Stay rewarded with up to RM150 Welcome Bonus when you

sign up for a CIMB Credit Card!


Applying for one is such a breeze and

the approval process is super speedy too!

Here's what you're entitled to:

Don't own a CIMB Credit Card yet? 

Apply for one today! 

Campaign Period: 1 October 2021 - 28 February 2022

Important Notes

1. Up to RM150 Welcome Bonus Credit Card Campaign is open exclusively to New-to-Card Applicants (customers who do not own a credit card

issued by CIMB) who apply for new CIMB principal credit card(s) and Supplementary Card Offer is open for Applicants who apply for a new CIMB Supplementary credit card.

2. Each Eligible customer is entitled to receive Welcome Bonus up to RM150 (maximum), throughout the Campaign Period.

3. Retail Spending Transactions for the Campaign shall include local and/or overseas Retail Spending charged to any of the Eligible Participant’s

credit card account during the Campaign Period.

4. Please click below for Up to RM150 Welcome Bonus Credit Card Campaign full Terms and Conditions.

Click below to view the full Terms and Conditions